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SEO—it’s pretty vital to the success of your online business, right? Then again, some people are now questioning whether SEO is beneficial at all. Let’s just clear this up. SEO is absolutely essential to the success of your online branding.

The confusion lies in what constitutes search engine optimization. The field has changed so much that the list of best practices is entirely different from the earliest SEO tactics. So, when people say SEO is no longer beneficial, what they usually mean is that the old way of doing it no longer works. And, they’re right. But, search engine optimization itself is not going away any time soon. Why? Because search engines still depend on algorithms, and those algorithms need something to use as data.

To help you stay on top of today’s SEO best practices, we’ve compiled this list of 10 quick ways to get better at SEO.

  1. Stay connected with your network. If you’ve been doing business right, you have a decent-sized contact list of people who work in your industry. Make it a point to schedule a friendly coffee date with one of them to stay up-to-date with what kinds of innovations they’re seeing in the field. But, be sincere; don’t just meet up to squeeze them for information.
  2. Read up on SEO blogs. Hubspot is a great place to get free professional information on the best SEO tactics. With the vast changes we’ve seen in the last few years, it makes sense to make a reputable SEO blog part of your regular reading.
  3. Watch what other sites are doing. When you see a site becoming successful, take a look at what they seem to be doing right. You can browse sites in categories similar to your own and try to determine what is the same about those that make first page search rankings.
  4. Keep refreshing your page…with content. You’ve probably noticed the word ‘change’ crop up several times in this article. We are now in a fast-paced culture where fresh content comes out every second. To keep up, you need to also provide your users with regularly updated content.
  5. Pay attention to your stats. How else are you going to know what works? It’s really not that difficult. Web hosts and social media platforms now offer users plenty of data to analyze. Look at the graph they provide about visits to your site or page. If you see a spike on a particular day, figure out what you did. Did you post some particularly timely content? Try a new format? Whatever it was, try to recreate that success.
  6. Follow technology updates. Each time current technology updates or a new tech emerges, it’s a good time to consider making updates to your SEO. This ensures that your website is optimized for all devices. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking SEO is about Google. The point of SEO is to attract and please your audience, and that is why it’s so important to think about which devices they are using to view your site.
  7. Reach out to influencers. One of the best ways to boost your online presence is to team up with someone in a related field who already has a huge online following. How do you do that? Try to create content that is useful to the influencer’s audience so that you can connect with them.
  8. Be giving with your audience. Who are search engines trying to serve? The end users. That’s why your main objective should be to forget about search engine algorithms and focus on what your audience wants. Google and others are getting better at ranking websites according to user preferences rather than artificial data like keywords.
  9. Try pay-per-click advertising. PPC gets your website in front of users, and more importantly, you can create multiple styles of ads. Having multiple ads means you can reach several different target audiences for your niche. In addition, it improves your overall SEO tactics because you can test out different ads to see what works best and apply that to your other campaigns.
  10. Consider consulting with a professional. In the end, your job is to run your business, and that often entails delegating tasks to others. If you simply don’t have the time to keep on top of the changing trends in SEO, your best bet is to hire someone who specifically handles it.

Our knowledgeable experts at TenPoint Solutions are ready to answer any questions you have about improving your Toronto business’s SEO campaign. Reach out to us and find out what we can do to increase your website’s traffic. Or, search our blog for more information about search engine optimization.


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