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Once you get your e-commerce site up and running, you may think there’s little else for you to do on the web design front. However, a revamp may be just what you need to boost sales. We’d like to share with you some of the lessons we’ve learned as a leading e-commerce web design company in Toronto. This article introduces you to some ideas that will work whether you are still in the planning stage or have been successfully selling from your online store.

Show people using your merchandise. Simply put, you need quality photography on your e-commerce site. An image of your product against a white background is boring. Your customers can’t seem themselves using it. But, when you show a quality photo of a person using the item, it makes customers more likely to see themselves also enjoying or benefitting from the item.

Think of it this way, when you purchase clothing online, you can’t try it on. But, if you see someone else trying it on, you get a better idea of how it really looks when worn, as opposed to what it looks like lying flat. And, the concept doesn’t just apply to clothes. So pay a little extra for personalized photography for your site that shows real people using your products. It’s the one thing that will make your site stand out from other generic online stores.

Plan for the purpose of your online store. You may be tempted to fill your e-commerce site with all kinds of frills, but you don’t want to distract your customers. It’s true that companies have to do more and more to stand out these days. However, your website shouldn’t frustrate users. The purpose of your online store is to allow customers to add items to their cart and pay for them as quickly and easily as possible. That means function is of highest importance.

Include filters that allow customers to adjust their preferences. When it comes to an online store, the name of the game is ease. Allow your customers to browse your merchandise in a way that saves them time and effort. Does that mean more effort on your part? Of course—but when you are in business, a good motto to remember is “Save the convenience for the customer.”

Clickable filtering options mean your users won’t be frustrated when they find the perfect item but it’s not in the size or colour they wanted. Instead, they can filter for things like size, colour, and price in the beginning, making them more likely to find items they actually want to purchase. The filters should be designed in a way that allows decisions to be easily reversed with a click, also. How frustrating is it for you when you use a website and all your filters disappear when you only wanted to change one thing?

Pay attention to stock. That’s right, your job is not done once you get the e-commerce site up and running. Once business picks up and you’ve started making online sales, you absolutely must make sure you have enough of the item for all the people making online orders. It could hurt your business multifold if you have to email customers about cancelling their orders—not only are the likely to find another company to buy from, they will possibly give you a bad word of mouth reputation and could even post negative reviews online. This hurts your growth in several different avenues.

What’s the easy solution to this problem? If you run out of stock, update your e-commerce web design! Simply add an image or line of text that clearly indicates which items are currently unavailable. Even if you design the site not to allow out of stock items in the cart, you should make sure unavailability is clear to users before they attempt to make a purchase.

Hire a professional company. E-commerce sites are so common now that most web hosts—even budget web hosts—provide some kind of template that allows you to immediately set up your online store and start selling the same day. It may be difficult to see a problem with that kind of speed and efficiency. After all, won’t it benefit your conversions to have your store up as soon as possible?

Maybe not. Quality usually requires some sacrifice in convenience for business owners. A professional Toronto e-commerce web design company like TenPoint Solutions can not only create a better functioning online store, but also provides continuous personalized support and troubleshooting. This means errors can be corrected much faster than if you have to wait in queue for a customer representative at your big web host and then wait again to be transferred to someone who can handle your particular problem.

If you’re looking for an e-commerce site that gives your customers exactly what they want, allows easy shopping and payment, and benefits from professional SEO, reach out to us at TenPoint Solutions today. We blend your vision with our expertise to make your online store successful. Our staff is experienced with both online-only businesses and those that supplement their physical stores with online sales.


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