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At TenPoint Solutions, we know how to produce results through organic search engine optimization. Many firms say they provide Toronto SEO services, but few have the expertise necessary to produce sustainable improvement in search engine rankings. Our clients’ online success speaks for itself.

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The only true way to grow your presence online is with high quality organic content creation. We take the lead with our professional team of copywriters, graphic designers and media experts. We provide SEO services in Toronto


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Optimized Web Content Services:

Existing content can be optimized for greater relevancy or the content portfolio of your website can be expanded to include new optimized content.

Managed Blogging Services:

Our team can employ a subject matter expert to provide key industry knowledge in a weekly or biweekly blog. We’re experts in onsite blogging.  We create, curate, and manage your onsite blog for you.  You literally have to do nothing if you don’t want to.  At the same time, if you’d like to take part in writing, editing, or reviewing, we’re more than happy to accommodate that for you.

High Quality Content Creation

As Google and other search engines develop more sophisticated methods and algorithms for evaluating websites, the need for unique, quality content will continue to grow. Internet Marketing companies that rely on “tricks” like keyword stuffing and doorway pages are no longer generating positive results for clients. At TenPoint Solutions, we utilize a state-of-the-art approach to earn our customers high positions in organic search listings.

On Page Optimization

Good SEO should make your site more relevant to search engines and to your users. Google’s sophisticated index algorithm is focused on quality content. We present Google with highly optimized content with keywords weaved into copy, links and tags. We’ll make your blog, web pages, press releases, and articles do more for your presence in Google’s search results.

Off Page Optimization

Optimized content development is as important as technical SEO. Creating content that is valuable to your customer will create buzz about your product or service and ideally generate inbound links to your website. We have the know-how to get your content found and shared online through different social media channels and promotions.

Managed SEO

Search engine optimization requires patience and specialized knowledge in order to be done correctly. Most business owners simply don’t have the time to take care of all their website’s optimization needs on their own, let alone keep up with the ever changing search engine algorithms. When these needs are put off, your website traffic can suffer, and that means fewer lead conversions. Tenpoint Solutions provides managed SEO Services that allow you to take care of business while we work on increasing your online presence.

Local SEO

Most businesses still rely on local customers for the bulk of their sales. But, local customers are also going to the internet for information, and users now want better ways to find services and products available near them. To meet this demand, Google introduced its Pigeon algorithm, which organizes results according to the user’s actual location. Tenpoint Solutions is on top of this change. We’ll make sure that your website is optimized not just to position well in general search results, but also in the results that matter most to your business. Being optimized for local search results means more lead conversions for your business.

Integrated services

Maximizing the reach of your online presence starts as soon as you begin planning for a website. Optimization is not just something to do after your site is up. At Tenpoint Solutions, our highly trained programmers ensure that your page benefits from the most recent coding techniques, such as responsive web design. Starting your page with the right functionality allows your content to reach the largest number of users possible. In fact, good web design is an integral tenet of SEO. User interaction is a factor in SERP positioning, and a site that loads quickly and functions well makes happy users who suggest your site to friends.

Relationship building

This is what sales is all about, right? Internet marketing is another way to network and find new partners and customers. Our combined SEO services are a tool for your business to represent itself to a larger audience than ever. We don’t try to manipulate your customers; we show them your authentic brand traits by taking your vision and creating sound content marketing, as well as functional web design that keeps users saying good things about your site. Time and again, we see that customers want to do business with companies that are open with their information, provide valuable content, and respect their audience by making their website visit worthwhile.

Targeted optimization

No business can please everyone, but you don’t need to. Our SEO services help you to target the right audience. Who is the right audience? It’s the one that is interested in what you do; is actively looking for your products or services; and can be persuaded to take action on your website. How do you find these people? Easy—by building a consistent online presence with a focused SEO campaign. You won’t find random optimization techniques here. Tenpoint Solutions takes the time to find out exactly what your business needs.

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