Responsive Web Design and Minimalism

You’ve probably been hearing about minimalism all over the place. People seem to be applying it to every aspect of their lives. Well, it has made its way into web design, as well. And, responsive web design seems to be

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Toronto E-Commerce: How to Make Online Sales Work for Any Business

Everyone’s doing e-commerce these days, from the guy selling his own tanned leather on Etsy to the woman hawking collectible posters on EBay. E-Commerce is a pretty broad term that encompasses all of this behavior, as well as the activities of

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Create a Powerful Online Presence: Web Design for Business Owners

81 percent of people who use the Internet research products online. It’s pretty obvious what this means for your business. If you don’t have a quality online presence, you could be losing out on a huge number of potential customers for your


Optimize Your Brand—Why You Should Stay on Top of Web Design Trends

Any time you talk about design—whether it’s architecture, décor, fashion, or websites—you talk about change. The technology changes; the ways people use that technology change; and then the next thing you know, your sleek and efficient website is completely outdated. When