Does Responsive Web Design Make a Difference?

It’s seems that the list of items a website owner needs to keep track of keeps growing and growing. In an effort to continue refining its search result rankings, Google tweaks its algorithms on a regular basis. And now, being

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Top Web Design Tips for Your Toronto Business

Not so long ago, it was the large corporations who dominated online business. Updates to how search engines work have changed that dynamic. Today, you can successfully market your small company with custom web design for your local business in

Responsive Web Design and Minimalism

You’ve probably been hearing about minimalism all over the place. People seem to be applying it to every aspect of their lives. Well, it has made its way into web design, as well. And, responsive web design seems to be

6 New Tips to Stay on Top of Responsive Web Design

Do you feel like you’re always the last one to know about new developments that could have huge payoffs for your business? It happens, but don’t worry; you’ve still got time to jump on these 6 new tips to stay

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Accessibility: An Essential for Web Design that Works

When you design a web page, it’s out there for the whole world to see. And, that means you should create your website so that as many people as possible actually can see it. We’re talking about accessibility—it’s something that many

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SEO Best Practices for Web Design: Making an Impression

Would you face a customer without washing your hair? Or without putting on professional clothes? Of course not! You probably know that your website will be the online face of your company. It represents you, and that means you need

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Are You Considering a Mobile Website? There’s a Better Solution—Responsive Web Design

If your business has had an online presence for a while, then you’ve probably considered the option of getting a separate mobile website. Maybe you even have one right now. But, it turns out there’s a better way to meet the

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Create a Powerful Online Presence: Web Design for Business Owners

81 percent of people who use the Internet research products online. It’s pretty obvious what this means for your business. If you don’t have a quality online presence, you could be losing out on a huge number of potential customers for your


Optimize Your Brand—Why You Should Stay on Top of Web Design Trends

Any time you talk about design—whether it’s architecture, décor, fashion, or websites—you talk about change. The technology changes; the ways people use that technology change; and then the next thing you know, your sleek and efficient website is completely outdated. When

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4 Tips to Help You Find a Web Design Firm in Toronto

First of all, Happy New Year and all the best in 2015. Now that the cursory greetings are out of the way let’s talk about how you and your company can ACTUALLY have a better year than the last. If you’re operating with an old and tired website, it’s safe to say your online presence is not matching your business’ actual professionalism.…