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Who Needs an E-Commerce Website?

E-Commerce is simply participating in online markets—buying and selling products and services. That means an E-Commerce website could be a good option for a large number of Toronto businesses. If you sell something, it’s possible to sell it on the internet. Here are just a few options for the types of sales that can be done on your website:

E-commerce Benefits You’ll love

Increased Sales

Repeat Customers

Easily Manage Online Store

Marketing & Promotions

Customer Management

Inventory and Order Management

Items in Your Inventory

If you already sell products at your physical location, you can sell those items online also. You simply post pictures of your inventory to the E-Commerce website. When customers purchase those items, you ship them. Our knowledgeable team will set up your online shopping cart and create an awesome website design.

Drop-ship Items

This is stock that you don’t actually keep in your inventory. Instead, you set up an E-Commerce site to sell and collect payment. Then, a separate company actually processes and ships the order.

Custom Orders

For businesses that specialize in custom-made merchandise, an E-Commerce website works much the same as if you had the products in your inventory. We will still set up a shopping cart. Your customers will have options that allow them to specify the details of their customer order. Then, you ship the item after its completion.


Selling services is a little different from selling products. But, you can still use an E-Commerce site for this kind of business. In this case, the site will work as an online payment method for your customers. Depending upon the type of service, you may then email them or carry out a local service.

The Obvious Choice for Your E-Commerce Needs

Tenpoint Solutions is an obvious choice of partner for Toronto E-Commerce web design. Toronto businesses benefit from having a professional site that allows them to keep up with national and even global competition, providing online shopping and payment options for customers. Think of it this way—online shopping and payment options are a convenience for your customers. That means you want the site to be top quality. A frustrating internet purchasing experience can lose you customers if it’s more convenient to get similar items or services elsewhere.

Why Tenpoint Solutions?

Change is not just a constant in life; it’s a constant in your business. At Tenpoint Solutions, we understand, and we aim to give every website we design the advantage of the latest updates in programming, so that your website stays competitive as devices and online technology evolves. One example of this is the Google Pigeon algorithm. Pigeon helps online users to find local business, and that’s good news for you. We’ll make sure your website is optimized for local search so that you’re seen by potential customers in your area.

Who Is the Online Customer?

You may be surprised to know that the majority of people now shop online at least some of the time. Even if a customer doesn’t ultimately make the purchase from your website, the E-Commerce site for your Toronto business could be the difference between a sale and lack of one. 81 percent of people who use the internet use websites to research products they want to buy. That means that if customers can’t find information about your products or services online, they may overlook your business.

Sleek Design

At Tenpoint Solutions, we are already known for our web design prowess. We will integrate your E-Commerce website design with the rest of your website to create a thematic whole. The final result is an online shopping and payment site that both functions exceptionally well and looks great with the rest of your site. You’ll get integrated payment and shipping features for your site. If you’re already using a payment system like Skrill, WePay, or PayPal, we can make your customers online payment options work with that system. That means your customers can make payments any time of day, and it will be processed immediately.
We stay up-to-date on current web design trends, and that knowledge is applied to your E-Commerce site. As with any other site we design, we will use the best SEO practices, easy navigation tools for customers to find information throughout your site, and high-quality photos and content.

Start to Finish Coding

We stay current on new developments in website code for a variety of coding languages. That means we can provide your website with start to finish solutions. Here are just a couple of the options we can add to your site:

Responsive Web Design

This feature is especially useful for E-Commerce sites. Responsive web design means your customers get consistent features regardless of which device they view your site from. The code for a responsive website allows the site to adjust its size depending upon the size of the screen. Even when your customers are on the go, they can easily purchase your products and services.

Integrated Shipping Processes

Pretty much any site that sells something should have integrated payment processing, but you can also integrate shipping processes on your site. Customers love this feature. It means they get accurate calculations on shipping rates, and they receive tracking information for their package right away via email. Adding more convenient features is a sure way to keep your customers happy.

Superior Toronto E-Commerce

TenPoint Solutions provides superior Toronto E-Commerce website design. Our experts can design your site from the ground up or simply add an online shopping page to your existing website. Get in touch with us today to learn more about E-Commerce options for your business!

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