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Imagine this. You just started a new marketing campaign, and you’ve sent out a message to your customer mailing list with a link back to your site. But, you’re a week into the campaign, and you’re not seeing any difference. Is your campaign just a total flop? Before you give up, try this one easy method to increase lead generation and conversions on your E-commerce site.

The one lead generation trick that dramatically increases conversions…

Boosting your conversion rate may be as easy as creating separate targeted landing pages for your customers. What’s a landing page? It’s simply a web page that is linked to a specific marketing campaign. It’s where your user “lands” when they click through to your site. Of course, you can just use your main page as a landing page, but…

Here’s why you should be using multiple landing pages:

  • They’re easy to add.
  • They speak directly to customers in a specific niche, which is important because not all of your customers are buying for exactly the same reason.
  • More landing pages means more opportunities for conversions.
  • Having more landing pages creates more diversity in your marketing campaign, extending your audience reach.

Tips for getting the most conversions with your landing page

So, how do you increase your own E-commerce conversion rate with landing pages? Check out our best practice tips.

  • Only do one thing with each landing page. There’s a reason landing pages are a part of your marketing campaign and not necessarily a permanent part of your website. Their purpose is to call potential customers to a very specific action. Your landing page should directly target a specific niche of your customer base. Remember, you can have multiple landing pages for different target audience and different purposes, so don’t try to do too much with one page. If you’re using the page for a drawing, don’t add long-form sales copy to entice them to make a download, as well.
  • Let your audience know immediately what you expect them to do. Ideally, the CTA that directed your lead to the landing page already told them why they should go to your page. It could have been “Click here to enter the drawing” or “Would you like to learn more? Click here now.” Don’t confuse them once they’re at the page. Your landing page should have the next-step CTA, whether it’s to buy a specific item, browse your selection, customize their option, or download an eBook.
  • Utilize flattering photos of your product. If a lead actually took the time to click through to your landing page from an email you sent out or other marketing message, then you want to capture them with professional photography of what you offer. The landing page is the perfect spot for this. Don’t make them click to another page to see the offer—you want to pull them in with it right away.
  • Get professional sales copy. You can use short-form or long-form sales copy for a landing page. Both tactics can work depending on what you’re trying to sell. The main thing is that you directly answer your customers’ most pressing questions about the product or service you provide. They go to the landing page for information.

Of course, you’ll also want to persuade them that this information is relevant to them, and that what you offer is the solution they are looking for. That’s where hiring a professional copywriter can make all the difference. They are professionals at providing text that avoids unnecessary filler words and entices readers to keep scrolling through your page or clicking the next button.

  • Keep themes and colours consistent. If the email that generates the visit has a blue and orange theme with bold black text, then your landing page should have a blue and orange theme with bold black test. This visually lets your customer know that they are in the right place. If the page looks too different from the rest of your campaign, the customer may become confused or question the authenticity of the page’s association with your brand.

Just following these simple steps to create useful landing pages can improve lead generation for your company. Want to make increasing conversions with landing pages even easier? Talk to our E-commerce experts in Toronto to get a customized landing page designed by TenPoint.


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