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How You Can Increase Your Ecommerce Sales with Klaviyo

Tenpoint Solutions regularly provides ecommerce web design to our clients. Now, we’d like to help you make your ecommerce experience even richer for your customers. Simply using the right mailing provider for your email marketing campaigns can significantly increase the click-thrus you get from emails. As experts on the Klaviyo platform, we’d like to introduce you to some of its features and how you can increase your ecommerce sales with Klaviyo.

The best ecommerce email marketing platform

The truth is that we haven’t been as impressed with any other email marketing platform as we are with Klaviyo. It integrates with any ecommerce platform you are using and pulls reports about your shoppers in order to give them a personalized email experience from your business. If you run an ecommerce site, then you need a different kind of email marketing to get interaction from subscribers to your mailing list.

Put simply, Klaviyo is a platform that helps you to maximize the potential of your emails. There are plenty of mailing list platforms out there, and many of them have fairly similar features. If you’re already using one, you may wonder why you should switch to Klaviyo. The answer is simple if you’re going to be using your mailing list for your company’s ecommerce site. Klaviyo does more than just send automated newsletters on the schedule you designate. It also sends cart reminders to your shoppers. That means if someone puts items in the cart and forgets to check out, Klaviyo will send out an email reminding them that they still have items waiting to be purchased. That could mean the difference between making or not making an additional sale.

Saving that one sale may not sound like a good enough reason to switch mailing list providers, but imagine just how often forgotten carts can happen. Multiply that lost sale times one hundred more people, and you may be missing out on significant amounts of money because of simple forgetfulness on the part of your shoppers. Getting sidetracked happens, but your business can provide your customers with that extra bit of convenience. Chances are they’ll be happy that you sent them a reminder. When you help out your customers like that, you’re doing more than securing a one-time sale—you’re building rapport as a retailer that they can trust and makes their lives easier.

Which ecommerce platforms does Klaviyo work with?

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • And more

Additionally, Klaviyo offers audience segmentation so that you are targeting the right users with the right messages. Chances are you have several different demographics represented among your customers. And, if your inventory contains a large variety of items, not every customer will be interested in the same offers and marketing campaigns. Klaviyo makes it easy to ensure that only the right people get a particular message. And, targeting the right audience is crucial to converting leads into sales for your ecommerce site.

How can you make the most of Klaviyo?

Of course, switching to a new ecommerce email marketing platform can require a bit of a learning curve, and that’s where we’re here to help. Tenpoint Solutions can get your business up and running on Klaviyo right away. We’ll walk you through the process and help you know what to do to keep your emails going out to the right individuals at the right time.

What you need to know as a business is that even the best email marketing platform will fail if you don’t use it to its full potential.

We can show you how to avoid these mistakes:

  • Not utilizing abandoned cart emails
  • Not diversifying your emails
  • Not targeting your customer’s location

And how to take advantage of these best practices:

  • A/B testing email subject lines
  • A/B testing email designs
  • Asking users for product reviews

Email marketing is one of the biggest drivers of ecommerce today. You don’t want to get this step wrong because email is the best strategy for personalizing your customers’ experiences with your business. Talk to the ecommerce web design team at Tenpoint today to learn more about the next step in maximizing your ecommerce site and increasing your sales easily.


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