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The difference between an effective Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign and one that simply empties your wallet is huge. Intelligent keyword research, landing page design, ad text creation and A/B testing are just a few of the many strategies that we provide to produce optimal results with a healthy ROI.

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Pay-Per-Click. A Great Way to Boost SEO Success.

Toronto PPC advertising works with your current SEO campaign to direct targeted leads to your website. It’s a proven method for getting the right prospects to your business. The best advertising is like an arrow that hits the bullseye. It doesn’t wander aimlessly around the target. You may accidentally grab a few sales that way, but you’ll waste a lot of money doing so. A managed PPC campaign, on the other hand, goes straight to the people most likely to need your products and services. How does it work? Through careful research and analytics, Tenpoint Solutions can narrow down the PPC strategies that generate the most traffic for your site. This includes initial keyword research, regular PPC maintenance, and monitoring of keyword success and web traffic increase.

Why You Need PPC

Stimulates Growth

Increased Web Traffic

Puts You Center Stage

Target Specific Audience

PPC Campaigns Stimulate Growth

Google algorithms are constantly changing. Because of this, your company’s search engine positioning will fluctuate as the algorithms continue their evolving course. Just because a website is ranked #1 today doesn’t necessarily mean it will enjoy that position tomorrow. In fact, it may not even hold the same SERP rank for each individual user. The newest wave of algorithms has really turned SERP positioning on its head. But, your company can mitigate those changes with a professionally-managed PPC strategy.

Targeting The Right Keywords

By targeting the right keywords and audience for your business, Tenpoint Solutions gets immediate results for your PPC campaign. Search engine ranking, on the other hand, can take months to build up. Both are necessary and effective strategies, but PPC allows your company to get a competitive advantage at the outset. When you combine organic search results with relevant advertising placement, you substantially increase your chances of being seen by the right audience. PPC allows you to get in front of that audience right away while building up your organic search result presence.

The Results You Need

Your results will appear on the same page as organic results. Better yet, you’ll be right at the top of the page for your keywords. Google has updated the SERP to show paid search results in the same column, and in the same colour, as organic results. That means better reception from users for your ads.

Keyword Analytics

Using the right keywords is just as important for PPC as it is for organic search results. We help your company to determine the right keywords for your market segments. The number of targeted keywords will depend upon your budget, but the good news about PPC is that you don’t need a ton of keywords to get results.

We Take Care Of Your Keywords

Since we take care of keyword analytics, we’ll also let you know if a particular set of keywords is not working efficiently for your PPC campaign. That’s the great thing about PPC—if one keyword isn’t working, you don’t have to build up a lot of additional content in order to be placed on the SERP with another keyword.

We Have The Tools & Experience

Tenpoint Solutions has the tools and experience to help you form the right keyword strategy. Without the right keyword set, you could be wasting ad money on PPC that just isn’t driving traffic to your site.

Web Traffic Research

In addition to keyword analytics, we monitor and maintain your PPC campaign for you. That means you don’t have to worry about whether the ads are working efficiently—we’ll alert you right away if the traffic from your PPC ads is not up to par. We guarantee you will increase your web traffic with a targeted PPC strategy managed by Tenpoint Solutions.

That’s what PPC is for. It is a direct way to get traffic to your site with paid advertisements. The name, Pay-Per-Click, means that you only pay for the advertising when it succeeds in getting clicks-throughs to your website. It sounds easy enough, but it takes a high degree of keyword accuracy and constant monitoring to ensure that this method of developing web traffic pays off.

Managed PPC

PPC maximizes the ROI for your internet marketing campaign. It works with your current SEO strategy to generate more leads for your website. We know that small business owners have enough work to do without constantly monitoring online advertising. We can handle this time-consuming task for you. A successful PPC campaign requires regular monitoring. Keeping track of the successful click-through rates for particular ads ensures that your company is spending its advertising dollars in the most efficient avenues possible.

With monitoring and regular analysis, we make sure your PPC campaign is giving you the biggest return for the lowest cost. Best of all, we track everything, so you’ll know exactly where the advertising budget is going and what is working. Tenpoint Solutions understands that every business is different, and that means every business needs an individualized PPC strategy. Our team has the expertise to craft a plan that works for you. We always start with extensive research in your industry. Take your SEO campaign to its full potential with Toronto PPC management services at Tenpoint Solutions.

Optimizing Cost per Lead

The unique way that PPC works makes it a great method for optimizing your advertisement costs. It’s all about gathering leads. Well-placed advertisements draw in those users who are likely to be interested in your products or services.

Your PPC Budget

We can help you determine the best budget for your managed PPC program. The best part is, your cost is up to you. Whatever budget you are working with, we will maximize it to bring the most traffic possible to your site. The professionals at Tenpoint Solutions are able to advise on typical PPC budgets and the best way to allot those funds to particular keywords.

Diversify Your Keywords

We will advise you on diversifying the keywords you pay for results for. That way, you can reach the widest audience possible for your business. You know all about making each advertising dollar count, and we won’t try to tell you about what you know best. Instead, Tenpoint Solutions aims to be your partner in creating a cost-effective PPC program by performing initial keyword research, performing routine maintenance of your PPC campaign, and monitoring web traffic increase.

Get on board with a managed PPC program from Tenpoint Solutions now, and start getting more leads from your website right away!

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