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Internet Marketing for Small Business: How Local SEO is Different

If you run a business that depends upon local sales, then you may not necessarily need the same kind of SERP (search engine results page) positioning that larger corporation depend on in their business. This means that your SEO best

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Are You Considering a Mobile Website? There’s a Better Solution—Responsive Web Design

If your business has had an online presence for a while, then you’ve probably considered the option of getting a separate mobile website. Maybe you even have one right now. But, it turns out there’s a better way to meet the

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Create a Powerful Online Presence: Web Design for Business Owners

81 percent of people who use the Internet research products online. It’s pretty obvious what this means for your business. If you don’t have a quality online presence, you could be losing out on a huge number of potential customers for your

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Successful SEO Begins with Content Creation

What makes a good magician? Obviously, the best magicians are the ones who don’t reveal their strategy during the show. They pull off the trick flawlessly without letting the technical details spoil the act. That’s how good SEO works, too.

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Content Creation—How to Do Internet Marketing without Annoying Your Audience

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” At least, that’s what Leonardo da Vinci said. Have you ever noticed that some of the biggest and longest-lasting brands in existence have some of the simplest logos? Nike’s swoosh has been around since the