Any time you talk about design—whether it’s architecture, décor, fashion, or websites—you talk about change. The technology changes; the ways people use that technology change; and then the next thing you know, your sleek and efficient website is completely outdated. When that happens, your online branding no longer produces the results you want. What you need is a sophisticated Toronto web design company that can keep you informed about online marketing trends.

You see, the technology is a part of your branding approach itself. Making your business available to customers via multiple mediums casts you as a company that cares about keeping in touch with clients and customers. Not only that, but poor technology hurts your brand as much as an amateur-designed logo. Spending time conceptualizing the perfect brand image does little good if your website loads slowly or can’t be viewed properly on some devices. With that in mind, this article aims to help you understand some of the current trends in online branding.

Strategies to Consider for Your Website

You can’t get away from updating your website. No matter if you’re talking about content or design, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure a
top-quality experience for your audience. Make sure you’re making the right changes by staying on top of online trends.

Here’s what is going on now in website design:

Responsive Web Design— The mobile responsive site is a truly convenient advancement. This new way of doing mobile-compatible websites allows business owners the advantage of having only one site to update; no more separate mobile versions of the site. With responsive design, a webpage automatically adjusts its size and layout to fit the device it’s being viewed on.

Longer Home Pages— As with responsive design, the longer home pages trend is also a result of the switch to more users viewing sites on mobile devices. When you’re using a smaller screen (often without the aid of a mouse), it’s usually easier to get all of the information on one page that you can scroll down rather than having to click through a lot of separate pages.

Vector Graphics— Business professionals may not care a whole lot about the specifics of how vector graphics work, but what you do need to know is that they can make consistency across your brand easier to achieve. Vector graphic technology allows images, like your logo, to be resized while maintaining the original resolution quality. Again, this is an important element for the growing mobile trend.

Simple Navigational Elements— Graphics, animation, and fonts are getting bigger higher in quality, making design really stand out on modern sites. Simple text-only sites haven’t held users’ attention in quite a while. However, one place where simple elements benefit your website is in the navigation bar and buttons. Keep them organized in a clean line at the top or side (where users expect them). A particularly popular trend is “ghost buttons”, which are transparent, clickable links with a very minimal design—such as a white outline with white font. They allow the background image to be viewed through the transparent button.

High-Quality Photography— Stock images have been a mainstay of websites and blogs, and they’ll probably be useful well into the future. However, many sites are moving towards custom photography for their most important images. Having photos that are relevant to your audience helps you to tell your story. After all, telling your story is what branding is all about.

Fast Loading Times— This is the aspect of design that (if you succeed) your visitors never see. Your online audience is accustomed to pages loading instantaneously. If you make them wait too long, they’re likely to drift away to another site, no matter how brilliant your content is.

Here’s something else for you to think about. If you are a new company that doesn’t yet have a website, or if you’re rebranding and starting a whole new site, you may want to think about your mobile design first rather than starting with a site that’s optimal for the desktop computer and trying to scale its functionality to the mobile screen. Remember, your brand is how your customers get to know what your company is all about. Give them the right impression with superior web design and online branding in Toronto provided by TenPoint Solutions.


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