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At TenPoint Solutions, we combine stunning and modern visual design with organic web marketing strategy to create websites that drive sales and make an impact.

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Web design with imagination and inspiration

We offer professional quality Toronto website design and development services with a personal experience unmatched in the industry.

We create digital experiences for brands and companies by using a blend of creative web design and internet marketing techniques.

We make it personal. Whether it’s a fresh new look for an established corporate brand, a conversion oriented website for your business or a fully integrated e-commerce solution our team of experts are qualified to execute a proven plan of action.

Internet Marketers. To give you an edge in today’s competitive marketplace our websites are designed to promote your product or service to interested customers. Our expert marketers use lead generation focused web design techniques to increase sales and improve customer retention.

Toronto Based designers

Our website design team is located in the GTA just minutes from downtown Toronto. To ensure high quality design work, effective communication and strict adherence to timelines all of our development is done in-house. We invite you to visit our offices where you can meet our team and receive a free consultation.

Design and Development.

Our talented team of website designers will produce mockups showing you an example of your new website’s look and feel. After the design files are approved, it’s time to let our Toronto web design team tie all the pieces together. All of our code is clean and our sites are fast. We hire the most talented individuals who are leaders and innovators in our industry.

Our Capabilities Combined with Great Ideas

We’re fluent in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and many other mainstream programming languages. These talents mixed with unparalleled creativity and a keen understanding of online user behaviour, make our agency one of the very few in Toronto capable of conquering every step on your brand’s way to making some serious consumer connections.

Evolving with technology

Change is not just a constant in life; it’s a constant in your business. At Tenpoint Solutions, we understand, and we aim to give every website we design the advantage of the latest updates in programming, so that your website stays competitive as devices and online technology evolves. One example of this is the Google Pigeon algorithm. Pigeon helps online users to find local business, and that’s good news for you. We’ll make sure your website is optimized for local search so that you’re seen by potential customers in your area.

Maintenance and updates

A great online brand is not just about getting the website right the first time (although we’ll do that, too!), it’s also about staying up-to-date. We’ll assist your business in managing content and providing necessary maintenance for website coding. Regular maintenance ensures that your users are getting the best possible experience, and that means more lead conversions and a greater ROI for your company. Another important aspect of keeping your audience updated is social media. Tenpoint Solutions will get your site connected with the social media platforms that your business uses, so that you can reach even more prospects with your Internet marketing campaign.

Experts in our field

We stay on top of new web design trends, like background photography, vector graphics, and easy-to-use navigational elements. Our expert team keeps current on what’s new in online branding. We’ll show you why your online presence is of utmost importance to the success of your business, and we have the numbers to back that up. Tenpoint Solutions will take on the challenge of constructing a website that positions well on SERPs (search engine results pages), so that your customers can find you.

Simplicity of design

True expertise lies in knowing what your website needs and what it doesn’t. That’s why each website we complete has a clean, polished look that does exactly what it needs to. You want your customers to feel at ease browsing your website, and that’s what we give them. You won’t find extraneous elements that confuse and frustrate customers. In fact, it’s better to have multiple pages for different services and audiences than to overload one web page with too much information. Tell us about your company’s market segments, and we’ll develop landing pages for each.

We include relevant CTAs (calls to action)

Research and experience shows that businesses experience greater success in terms of conversions and sales when their website includes CTAs. These directives are a part of planning the content for your pages. Make no mistake, getting the content right is a big part of web design. Fortunately, Tenpoint Solutions guides you through the process of building online content. If you want, we’ll even take the reins. It’s up to you! Let your audience know what you expect them to do, and they’re more likely to follow through with that request. We’ll help!

We're Experts In Responsive Web Design

Our websites are designed to provide easy reading/optimal viewing experience and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). The result is engaging mobile-friendly websites that look beautiful on any device. Considering a majority of consumers will view your site for the first time on a mobile device, responsive web design is critical to your website’s success. Stay ahead of your competition.

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