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Web Design in Toronto – Choose Wisely

First of all, Happy New Year and all the best in 2015. Now that the cursory greetings are out of the way let’s talk about how you and your company can ACTUALLY have a better year than the last. If you’re operating with an old and tired website, it’s safe to say your online presence is not matching your business’ actual professionalism.

I had a client tell me recently that he, “hadn’t sent anyone to his website in 10 years because he was so embarrassed” and this came from an established executive!

Too many business owners are ignoring their online identity and in turn losing out on the great potential offered by the vast and lucrative online world.

So where do you start? My guess is you’re probably looking for a company to help you with web design in Toronto and you feel lost. Well, here are some tips that will help you avoid disaster.

Choose a solid team

A truly great web design team is one that will make you feel totally comfortable. Do they listen? Do they provide unique ideas and direction? Do they have multiple employees to handle your project? Can they clearly demonstrate their vision for your web site? If you can’t answer yes to all these questions, then be wary. If they can’t provide mockups, or multiple creative versions of an idea, chances are they are using a plug-and-play template, so stay away. Work with a company that understands your goals but also has enough experience and talent to take the creative lead.

Beware of the outsource

This is a very important factor to consider when deciding whom to hire. Language barriers and lack of understanding of the North American way of business can make working with overseas contractors unbearable. Not to mention deadlines that are non-existent. Furthermore, in almost all cases their attention to detail and eye for design are nowhere near the level needed for corporate level online branding. Sure, they might quote you a quarter of the price (or even less) but it is NOT WORTH IT!

You get what you pay for

We all get inundated with emails and flyers from this next group of winners. The under-cutters, the mom’s basement programmers and the cousin of a cousin who does websites. A new low I witnessed recently was the $299 website. Wow! A website for the price of a nice pair of shoes. This is mind boggling and hilarious considering a proper web project with unique creative content and graphic design along with mobile optimization and testing takes about month to deliver. For a simple design with little to no creative flexibility you’re better off trying a free online web design tool like WIX. At my company, TenPoint Solutions, we provide detailed quotations, mockups, graphic design, content creation, custom coding, mobile optimization, initial SEO optimization and long-term maintenance packages. Not to mention a team of employees at your disposal to make sure you nail down your online branding, the first time.

Your uncle’s ex-wife’s nephew dabbles in web design? Next please.

Do they have an address?

It might sound like an odd question, but would you trust your company’s image to a guy working out of his basement? I know I wouldn’t. Any web designer can say he is the next big thing online, but brick and mortar is the true litmus test. If a company has an office, they pay bills and make money to pay those bills. Go on Google Earth and do a quick search of the address and see where they work from! This can be a fun way to weed out some of the pretenders when it comes to finding a web design firm in Toronto.

If you’re looking for the best web design in Toronto , be sure to contact us today at sales@tenpointsolutions.com

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