Does Responsive Web Design Make a Difference?

It’s seems that the list of items a website owner needs to keep track of keeps growing and growing. In an effort to continue refining its search result rankings, Google tweaks its algorithms on a regular basis. And now, being

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Creating Lead Generation Websites: What You Need to Do

There are several different things your web pages can do for your Toronto business. Some web pages are made to get more traffic. Some provide information to your customers. And yet others are designed to generate leads. And, in case

Why You Need Local SEO, Plus Easy Strategies to Start NOW

As a business owner, you are already familiar with the importance of SEO. It’s an essential part of your online marketing efforts. However, you may be less familiar with the benefits of local SEO, so we would like to share

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Klaviyo Email Marketing – TenPoint Solutions

How You Can Increase Your Ecommerce Sales with Klaviyo Tenpoint Solutions regularly provides ecommerce web design to our clients. Now, we’d like to help you make your ecommerce experience even richer for your customers. Simply using the right mailing provider

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Top Web Design Tips for Your Toronto Business

Not so long ago, it was the large corporations who dominated online business. Updates to how search engines work have changed that dynamic. Today, you can successfully market your small company with custom web design for your local business in

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How to Increase Lead Generation and Conversions on Your E-Commerce Site

Imagine this. You just started a new marketing campaign, and you’ve sent out a message to your customer mailing list with a link back to your site. But, you’re a week into the campaign, and you’re not seeing any difference.

Responsive Web Design and Minimalism

You’ve probably been hearing about minimalism all over the place. People seem to be applying it to every aspect of their lives. Well, it has made its way into web design, as well. And, responsive web design seems to be

Writing Your Own Blog Articles? You May Want to Reconsider

We’ve got the top reasons why you should consider managed blogging services from a company with professional copywriters. You’re already aware of the benefits of maintaining a blog for your business—increased web traffic, more lead conversions, and a better reputation.

6 New Tips to Stay on Top of Responsive Web Design

Do you feel like you’re always the last one to know about new developments that could have huge payoffs for your business? It happens, but don’t worry; you’ve still got time to jump on these 6 new tips to stay

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10 Quick Ways to Get Better at SEO

SEO—it’s pretty vital to the success of your online business, right? Then again, some people are now questioning whether SEO is beneficial at all. Let’s just clear this up. SEO is absolutely essential to the success of your online branding.