Tips for discreetly wearing shapewear during the summer months

According to the renowned composer George Gershwin, summertime represents a period of ease and relaxation. However, it also brings about the opportunity to wear smaller and more revealing clothing. As a result, in terms of shapewear, there is a higher possibility of it being exposed in the summer months. Floaty dresses and tops with thin straps are undoubtedly becoming prominent choices in your wardrobe. So, the question arises: how can you continue to benefit from the comfort and confidence provided by shapewear while ensuring it remains discreet during the summer season?


Nude colours play a vital role in ensuring that both underwear and shapewear remain inconspicuous under white fabrics. In addition to having a diverse range of shapewear colors, it is also important to consider the functionality of your undergarments. For instance, when it comes to achieving a seamless look under white fabrics, opting for nude-colored tummy control underwear plays a vital role. Nude shades are the most adaptable choice, particularly if you do not intend to visibly layer your shapewear. On the other hand, when dealing with layered straps or necklines, sticking with black, white, or navy tummy control underwear proves to be the most effective. By employing this approach, you can emphasize the significance of having a diverse range of shapewear colors while ensuring that your undergarments remain inconspicuous under different types of clothing.

Waist Lines

It is undesirable to have your control brief waistband visible beneath jeans or shorts. To achieve a seamless and consistent silhouette from bust to hip, many people opt for shapewear with a high waist cut. However, selecting appropriate clothing becomes a bit challenging due to the increasing popularity of hipster waistlines. The solution lies in having a diverse collection of control briefs in various shapes and top lengths.

Hem Lines

When winter ends and tights are no longer necessary, wearing a dress can be risky as it may expose your shapewear. Opting for dress styles with higher hemlines or wrap cuts during warmer days might make shaping shorts less appealing. However, finding the right balance is key. It’s important to consider the weather forecast and ensure that there is a significant difference in length between your shapewear and the skirt or dress you choose to allow for movement. Additionally, on windy days, it may be wise to avoid wearing a skirt that easily catches the wind.

Complete Silhouette

When wearing lighter fabrics, the visibility of any imperfections caused by shapewear increases. Therefore, for garments made of light cotton or shift styles, it is advisable to select shapewear that provides support for the entire torso. For instance, a shaped bodysuit offers control from the shoulders to the hips. Alternatively, If a bodysuit doesn’t suit your neckline, you can opt for an open-bust style that allows you to wear your preferred bra for the specific occasion.

Breathing Matters

When it comes to shapewear, the condition of your skin should be taken into consideration. You shouldn’t ignore the discomfort caused by wearing shapewear that makes you feel hot and uncomfortable. That’s why it is crucial to pay attention to the fabric used in its construction, which should be both lightweight and breathable. Opting for such fabrics will not only prevent you from feeling overheated and bothered but will also act as a barrier between your skin and clothing, preventing your clothes from riding up against your hot skin. Additionally, it is important to note that if your shapewear is affecting your breathing, it is a clear sign that it is too tight and should be removed.

Loud and Proud

If you find all of this to be a hassle, consider not attempting to conceal your shapewear. Many shapewear items are aesthetically pleasing on their own and can seamlessly fit into a summer ensemble. A shaping cami, for instance, can be worn as a regular camisole tucked into jeans or shorts. Alternatively, you can intentionally showcase your shaping bodysuit by layering it with a summer shirt, cropped t-shirt, or blouse. Opt for bold colours like red, navy, or black to enhance the intentional layered look.

Even during the hot summer months, you can still wear shapewear and remain comfortable. By selecting shapewear that fits well and is made from high-quality fabrics, you can experience the benefits of shapewear without feeling excessively warm.